Master of Science in Nursing Healthcare Policy Specialty Track

Chamberlain College of Nursing’s online Healthcare Policy Specialty Track prepares you for a variety of roles that direct the path of healthcare policies, benefiting patients and the community.

The Healthcare Policy curriculum trains nurses in the research, design and implementation of policies, as well as evaluation of policy outcomes. Coursework includes the foundations of healthcare policy, principles of healthcare systems, politics, economics and policy, global health, and nursing leadership in the public policy arena.

A practicum experience provides students with the opportunity to apply newly developed skills and theoretical knowledge to real-world practice situations with the support of an experienced leader in the field.

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Healthcare Policy Curriculum

NR-551: Healthcare Systems, Politics & Policy – 3 Credits

This course is an examination of healthcare laws and policy past and present. Healthcare systems and healthcare reform in the United States will be examined. This course will focus on policy development, analysis and implications of policy on healthcare delivery, nursing practice and patient outcomes. 

NR-552: Economics of Healthcare Policy – 3 Credits

This course is an examination of the economics of healthcare on a national and global scale. Current policy involving financing of healthcare, health insurances, environmental and social issues related to health and access to health services will be covered from an economic perspective. The effect of economic policy on patient outcomes and the role of nursing in healthcare economics will be explored. 

NR-553: Global Health – 3 Credits

This course is an examination of global health and the involvement of nursing in promoting healthy communities. The course begins with an introduction to global health concepts and theories, epidemiology, biostatistics and global demographics. Threats to health are explored including environmental impacts, disease, disasters and violence. Social inequalities and ethical principles are discussed. 

NR-554: The Nurse Leader & Healthcare Policy – 3 Credits

This course is an examination of roles of the nurse leader in healthcare policy as; researcher, change agent, advocate and activist. This course will focus on shaping and influencing policy to improve patient outcomes and inform practice through nursing research and leadership.

NR-650: Healthcare Policy Practicum – 3 Credits  (Theory 0.5, Practicum 2.5)

This course emphasizes the application of policy analysis, economics and leadership theories and concepts in implementation of the role of the nurse leader in healthcare policy. The student will demonstrate the competencies essential to the nurse leader in healthcare policy. The role will be implemented, applied and analyzed in an organizational or legislative setting, in collaboration with a nurse leader responsible for policy management. Evidence-based healthcare policy strategies will be developed and implemented in the selected organizational or legislative environment. 

NR-660: Capstone – 3 Credits

This capstone course provides an intensive experience in critical analysis, designed to broaden students’ perspectives and provide an opportunity for the integration of knowledge gained throughout the curriculum. Students must complete a scholarly project, which synthesizes advanced knowledge and skills, to address an area of relevance to professional nursing in nursing informatics, leadership or education. 

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Healthcare Policy Career Opportunities

The Healthcare Policy Specialty Track prepares you for roles* including:

  • Director of Nursing
  • Director of Public Health Policy and Practice Advocacy
  • Global Health Positions (e.g. World Health Organization)
  • Health Communications Coordinator
  • Health Services Consultant
  • Infection Control Nurse (Entry-Level to Executive)
  • Legislative Staff Member/Consultant (Full-Time Positions)
  • Policy Writer/Presenter (Organizations, Companies, Government)
  • Public Health (Entry-Level to Executive)
  • Research Project Coordinator
  • Senior Healthcare Quality Researcher

  • *Some careers may require several years of experience in addition to educational credentials.