MSN Student Stories

Jennifer - Nursing StoriesJennifer Q.
MSN Degree Program

I have two young boys who are my whole entire world. I decided that in order to truly prove to them that education is a priority for our family, I needed to hold myself to the same standard. I wanted to be a role model for them. My first inclination was to simply expand my AA in nursing to a BSN. But while taking classes, I realized how enriched I was feeling both personally and professionally. I was able to immediately apply what I was learning into my practice and see the improved patient outcomes through the evidence-based care I was providing. With the ease of Chamberlain's online classes, I have been able to continue to raise my two little boys and work two jobs, all the while excelling in graduate nursing classes and progressing the nursing profession. I am so excited to be graduating soon and am so thankful to have found Chamberlain!

Sue - Nursing StoriesSue B.
MSN Degree Program, Educator Specialty Track

A nurse’s ability to help people is what first drew me to this profession. I also enjoy collaborating with peers in order to provide the most effective outcome for our patients. I made my decision to enroll at Chamberlain based on the ease of its admissions process, as well as the academic advisors and admissions counselors’ knowledge of, and respect for, adult learners.

Earning my BSN degree – and what will soon be my MSN degree – from Chamberlain has been a fantastic experience. Chamberlain faculty members understand the time constraints that daily life puts on their students. The online learning format helps ensure that life doesn’t get in the way of school and that school doesn’t get in the way of life. From admissions and academic advising to faculty expertise and the online environment, the motivation and knowledge I’ve received from Chamberlain is the driving force behind my academic success.

Debra - Nursing StoriesDebra J.
MSN Degree Program, Executive Specialty Track

I had heard great things from some RNs I know who were on their BSN journey at Chamberlain, such as how helpful and accessible their professors were and how they loved the ease of accessibilty to their course work anytime day or night. I considered several nursing programs for my MSN degree and settled on Chamberlain, because of the positive experiences of so many students before me. Once I made the decision to attend Chamberlain, they helped me focus on my career goals as a nurse executive student and guided me successfully throughout my MSN journey. I am graduating from Chamberlain with my MSN this month and I couldn't be more proud than I am right at this moment!

Sandra - Nursing StoriesSandra W.
MSN Degree Program

You don’t have to get it right out of the gate, you just have to get going. Start before you’re ready. No more excuses. No more delays." Starting back to school after 22 years was a huge culture shock! I finally took the plunge as a way to re-focus my energy in a positive direction during a particularly difficult time in my life. Not only have I increased my knowledge tremendously, but also my self-confidence and pride in my profession. Seeing me in the role of a student has served as an example for my children and my co-workers. I can truly say that I have "blossomed" as result of my Chamberlain experience.

Christopher - Nursing StoriesChristopher S.
MSN Degree Program, Educator Specialty Track

Chamberlain has allowed me the flexibility to complete my MSN as a nurse educator entirely online while working full time. The instructors are quick to respond to questions and the advisors are very helpful. Knowing what I do now, I would choose Chamberlain all over again!

Courtney - Nursing Stories
Courtney S.
MSN Degree Program, Executive Specialty Track

I started my journey at Chamberlain while obtaining my BSN. When I started my MSN, I was seeking a major that was not offered at Chamberlain. After one year at a different university, I decided to change my major and return to Chamberlain. I have less than a year until completion and every day I find working towards the MSN- Executive track is helping me gain leadership skills. I was chosen to be in my employer’s “Exploring Leaders” program that grows upcoming leaders within the organization. I can thank Chamberlain for the opportunities and career growth I am already experiencing, even prior to completion of my degree. I would highly recommend Chamberlain to my colleagues, friends and neighbors and have recommended them many times since starting my educational journey.

Dianne - Nursing StoriesDianne N.
RN to BSN Online Option Graduate, MSN Degree Program, MSN & MBA Track Option

I was a single parent of two children and working two jobs when I started nursing school. After I became a registered nurse (RN), I moved across the state so I could raise my children in a better environment. Eventually, I accepted a permanent job at a hospital where I held positions of increasing responsibility, including manager of the intensive-care unit.

While working at the hospital, I noticed that while I was successful at my job and continued to be recognized for it, I didn’t think I was as efficient as I could be. I was working harder, not smarter, because I didn’t have the tools I needed – as though I was trying to do an upper-level job with a low-level education. I decided to leave my position, take a job as a bedside nurse and return to school.

As an RN with 20 years of experience and a family to provide for, I chose Chamberlain for a few reasons: I was able to enroll right away; I didn’t need to fulfill any clinical requirements; and Chamberlain has flexible scheduling options. Upon admission, my enrollment advisor provided me with everything I needed to get into classes that were starting in as early as one week and remained in close contact with me throughout my program’s duration to make sure all of my needs were met.

I found Chamberlain’s coursework to be both relevant and rigorous. I was looking for an education that could help advance my career. With the tools and knowledge I received at Chamberlain, I am back in a management position and am able to be more successful at my current job. Senior leadership has noticed the changes in my leadership abilities and the overall success of my department, which are both a direct result of the education I received from Chamberlain. My Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree capstone project was implemented company-wide at my current job which is a huge testament to what I learned at Chamberlain.

My son obtained his bachelor’s degree before I completed mine, and my daughter is in the process of earning hers now. I was proud to show them that it is never too late to go back to school.

Tonita - Nursing StoriesTonita S.
MSN Degree Program, Educator Specialty Track

Chamberlain’s instructors were awesome, very helpful and always offered support. They genuinely enjoyed teaching and provided a positive learning environment. I met a lot of nice, interesting fellow students who I became great friends with and continue to keep in contact with to this day.

The challenges I faced were typical. Juggling home, family, school and studying responsibilities posed potential obstacles. But Chamberlain’s flexible, affordable classes, great board pass rate and reputation as a good nursing school helped me graduate with a BSN degree and, come December, my MSN degree.

Kisha - Nursing StoriesKisha S.
MSN Degree Program, Healthcare Policy Specialty Track

When I first started Chamberlain I was feeling overwhelmed and powerless in both my personal and work life. I knew that I needed to go back to school for my RN-BSN in order to become empowered in both again. Slow and steady, working as a full-time night shift Labor & Delivery RN and being a full-time mom to two young sons, I have been taking one class every 8 weeks since the summer of 2010 to attain my MSN in Healthcare Policy in the summer of 2014. Chamberlain College of Nursing has not only given me a sound education, but has also helped me discover a greater sense of purpose in my life and profession.

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