MSN Tuition & Fees

Chamberlain’s MSN degree program can help prepare you for expanded roles within your organization. Many of our graduate students qualify for Chamberlain scholarships. Qualifications for these scholarships are listed below. Chamberlain proudly partners with healthcare institutions, community colleges, associations and organizations to provide accessible educational opportunities for registered nurses. Click here to see if your institution has partnered with Chamberlain.

Tuition & Fees

Effective July 2015

The total cost for the MSN degree program (Educator, Executive, Healthcare Policy and Informatics specialty tracks) is $26,310. The total cost for the MSN Family Nurse Practitioner specialty track is $38,085. For more detailed information, download the Tuition & Fees Grid Effective July 2015 (PDF) or Total Cost Calculations Effective July 2015 (PDF).

  MSN Degree Program1 Tuition and Fees — Effective July 2015

 Application Fee2


 Tuition (regardless of course load)

 $650 per credit hour

 Background Check/Drug Screening3 (MSN degree program, FNP  & Graduate Certificate Programs with practicum only)


 Student Services Charge

 $150 per session

 Alumni Rate

 $550 per credit hour

 Military Rate (active duty, veterans, retired military, Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs employees and spouses  of  active duty/veterans/retired military)

 $550 per credit hour

  Estimated Costs As Applicable

 Books & Supplies (Non-FNP Specialty Tracks)4

 $75 per session

 Books & Supplies (FNP Specialty Track)5


1 Program availability varies by state/location.
2 Application fee waived for Carrington College, DeVry University students or alumni, Chamberlain alumni as well as qualified military personnel (active duty, veterans, retired military, Department of Defense employees and spouses of active duty/veteran/retired military).
3 A nonrefundable background check/drug screen fee is required for all pre-licensure students and for those MSN, DNP and Graduate Certificate (with practicum) students whose practicum site requires it. Charged at $150 pre-licensure programs; charged the exact cost of the screening for postlicensure programs with $150 being an average for those students whose site required a screening.
4 Charged at $600 per session for DNP; charged at $150 per session for all other programs.
5 Average estimated per-session expense for full-time students is $250 for BSN, ADN and LPN to RN; $200 for RN to BSN; $75 for MSN (Educator, Executive, Healthcare Policy and Informatics Specialty Tracks) and Graduate Certificates; $125 for MSN (Family Nurse Practitioner Specialty Track); $100 for DNP.
6 At current standard tuition rates, credit hours shown and full-time attendance; includes an application fee, Student Services charges, textbook and equipment expense and, if applicable, background check/drug screen fee.
7 Textbook and equipment expense includes APRN resources fees charged at $450 per course for the following APRN track courses: NR-503, NR-507, NR-508, NR-509, NR-510, NR-511, NR-601, NR-602, NR-603 and NR-661
8 Students are responsible for their travel costs while participating in the immersion weekend as part of NR-509. Typical costs include travel to/from Illinois, lodging and meals for 1-2 nights.

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