Associate Degree in Nursing Tuition & Fees

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Tuition & Fees

 Associate Degree in Nursing Fees1Effective July 2015

 Application Fee (includes A2 Admission Assessment and one re-take)2


 Background Check / Drug Screen Fee4


 Credit hours 1-6 per session

 $665 per credit hour

 Credit hours 7 & above per session

 $400 per credit hour

 Group Accident & Sickness Insurance Charge5


 Student Services Charge

 $150 per session

 Textbook & Equipment Expense

 $250 per session

Effective July 2015, the total cost for the ADN degree program is $52,925. For more detailed information, download the
Tuition and Fees Grid Effective July 2015 (PDF).

  • For more detailed information regarding tuition and fees, download the Tuition and Fees Total Cost Calculations (PDF) Effective July 2015.

  • Effective July 2015:
    1 Program availability varies by state/location.
    2 Application fee is waived for current Carrington College and DeVry University students or alumni, Chamberlain alumni as well as qualified military personnel (active duty, veterans, retired military, Department of Defense employees and spouses of active duty/veteran/retired military).
    3 Nonrefundable.
    4 Nonrefundable. Additional fees may apply due to state Board of Nursing and clinical facility requirements; see your admission representative for additional information.
    5 Insurance required for all full-time pre-licensure students unless waiver is received annually by published deadline.
    6 Tuition is assessed at $590 per credit hour for 24 nursing credit hours.

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