Meet Chamberlain RN-BSN Online Option Students

What distinguishes Chamberlain is a high level of care – Chamberlain Care for our students, healthcare partners, patients and the community at large. Through Chamberlain Care and the ideals it embodies, we model and teach to our students the values that are exemplified by extraordinary nurses – caring, professionalism, excellence, integrity and service. We believe that by taking extraordinary care of our students, we will graduate extraordinary nurses who will have a significant positive impact on healthcare worldwide. Read the stories of some of our extraordinary students below:

Linda - Nursing StoriesLinda T.

I always wanted to continue my education by completing my BSN, but I was scared to do it. I was working full time and had not been in college for more than 30 years. I called Chamberlain and was amazed at how easy they made the whole process of finding my college credits from years and years ago. Whenever I had an issue, the academic and student services teams were there to help – everyone is so nice and professional. I thought that my associate’s degree was sufficient for my nursing career, but after completing the courses for the BSN program I realize that I had a lot to learn. My confidence as a school nurse has soared and I now feel on equal ground with my colleagues. I not only know best practice, but I have the evidence that I need to confidently take care of my students.

Keith- Nursing StoriesKeith F.

At Chamberlain, I have acquired a better grasp on the profession I chose and have been involved in for 30 years. After experiencing online courses at Chamberlain, I couldn't think of going back into a stone and window class room. The reason I chose online learning as opposed to a regular classroom setting was because as a working adult, I couldn't fit the regime of being in class at a certain time into my busy schedule. The online classroom has worked out perfectly for me— I do my classes when I am able. It is much more difficult to arrange your work schedule around school than to arrange your school schedule around your job.

Latoya - nursing storiesLatoya M.

After earning my associate’s degree in nursing, I went straight into the workforce. Being only 22 years old, a single mother, and working full-time as a new grad RN, furthering my education seemed to be a distant dream! I started researching RN-BSN programs and that's when I learned about Chamberlain. I spoke to an admissions advisor and she started me on my current educational path in 2012. Everyone from admission advisors, academic advisors, financial advisors to instructors have always been available when I've needed them and they all have one common interest: making sure that I obtain my BSN and assist in any way needed! Although I attend Chamberlain online, whenever I need help or have any questions or concerns, they are only a phone call away. Chamberlain has made my return to school a very smooth transition. I am now a senior, my GPA is 4.0, and I anticipate graduating with my BSN in October 2013.

Amy - Nursing StoriesAmy M.

I have always wanted to go back to school for my BSN, but life happens and I felt I didn't have the opportunity until recently. I wish I would have known about Chamberlain earlier because their program allows the working professional to balance work, home and school. I have three young children and work full time and I am able to do it, so anybody can. The program helped me meet my learning objectives by expanding my knowledge of research, evidence-based practice, community based nursing, and the future of nursing as it becomes more active in policy change and healthcare reform. The instructors were all great. They were encouraging and provided feedback that facilitated learning. I am due to graduate in June and am so grateful for the transformative experience.

Dena - Nursing StoriesDena V.

A couple of years ago, my boss was taking classes at Chamberlain and encouraged me to enroll. I never thought it would be possible financially and logistically since I am a single mother of two children working full time. After filling out the FAFSA online and speaking with an admissions counselor, I was enrolling in my first class. It seems like yesterday that first class started and now here I am ready to graduate. Taking the online classes was so easy and allowed me to be home for my children as well as setting a good example for them. The knowledge that I have gained from the courses has helped me tremendously in my nursing practice and has helped me to become an engaged bedside nurse. I also got a ten percent raise for becoming a BSN prepared nurse.

Terry - Nursing StoriesTerry I.

I have been an ADN since 1988. While my career in nursing has been extremely successful, I have always felt not having my BSN has held me back from being respected as a professional nurse. I was enrolled at a local college since 2003, but had limited time to attend on-campus classes. A 50-minute class— after parking and returning to work—took an average of three hours, three days a week. For me, that was a waste of time that I could be using on studies or work. Finding Chamberlain College was a welcomed event. I can work on my classes whenever and wherever I want without having to waste valuable time.

Elizabeth - Nursing StoriesElizabeth A.

Our hospital has started requiring RNs to get their BSN. I have been out of school for over 10 years and was nervous to start online classes. I thought I was very lucky when I had a good instructor the first time, then felt truly blessed the second class. But as time went by, I realized that the instructors at Chamberlain all taught with much enthusiasm, care and offered resources and tools for learning all we could. Chamberlain also has many resources for papers and articles. I will soon graduate in June 2013 and I look forward to continuing my education online.

Barbara - Nursing StoriesBarbara D.

My hospital decided to seek Magnet status and everyone was being encouraged to advance their own growth and development. I will be turning 60 years old in 2013, and thought I was too old to go back to school. A friend mentioned the RN to BSN online program at Chamberlain. I checked it out and had such a great admissions advisor that I decided to try it. I am grateful to her for her encouragement. A year later, I achieved my BSN with a 4.0 GPA and a great sense of pride. The course work was inspiring and the 8-week sessions were conducive to a working individual. I have been inspired now to seek other certifications in my field and have even contemplated an MSN. Always keep moving forward. The options are many at any age.

Karen - Nursing StoriesKaren K.

Everyone has excuses as to why they can't do, job, kids, money, there is always a reason not to better yourself. I had every excuse in the book. A single mom, my youngest daughter went to school in another town and I had to drive her to and from school everyday. I worked full-time nights and always made just enough money to pay the bills. Promotions at work were done by experience, with education as the deciding factor between the candidates. I have great experience but only an associate’s degree, which was keeping me back. After speaking with an advisor at Chamberlain and feeling very apprehensive, I decided to jump in! Though my life was busy, my children were supportive of the time I needed to study. Now here I am almost two years later and finished! I completed my BSN, maintained a high grade point average and graduated in March. I honestly do not know how I managed, but I can say everyone at Chamberlain was amazing and always encouraging. I tell this story because there are no excuses as to why anyone can't do what I did. I plan on returning to get my Master's degree. At this point there is 'no excuse' not to continue on!

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Hero in Action

During the height of Hurricane Sandy, Chamberlain RN-BSN grad Stephen Markley carried patients down 15 flights of stairs to safety. The efficient evacuation efforts gained praise from the nation, all the way up to U.S. President Barack Obama. Read his story.

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Chamberlain offers special alumni and military tuition rates. Nurses at select healthcare institutions, associations and organizations may also be eligible for special rates. See if you qualify.