Honor Society FAQs

Phi Pi Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Honor Society

When is induction?
Although we are one chapter, we serve all campuses and online programs. Are inductions are held at several campuses through the months of October and November. Dates and locations will be posted when finalized. Online students are welcome at a location that is most convenient for them. All inductees will receive personalized invitations. Inductions are open to all invited members, their family, and the community at large. A $20 induction fee is charged to help cover the cost of induction.

When will I receive my certificate?
New members will receive their certificates along with membership cards approximately 30 days after the last induction date. Usually, they are mailed in late November.

What if I didn’t join the Honor Society when I received an invite as a student, can I still join the Phi Pi Chapter?
All members who are invited to join Sigma Theta Tau International have one year from invitation to join. This allows you ample time to acquire the necessary funds for membership. Family are also encouraged to help support the member by providing monetary assistance for membership if able.

What about current students?
Current students who meet all eligibility criteria are invited to join Sigma Theta Tau international.

What if I graduate between your induction times?
Each year, we go back to our last induction cutoff date of June in the previous year, so all eligible candidates between June of the previous year and June of the current year who are eligible are contacted. We highly recommend that graduating students keep their email addresses current with the registrar’s office, as this is our point of contact.

What is the next step?
Watch your email for an invitation. The email will come from “member services at STTI” and contain Phi Pi in the subject line. Your spam mail filter may send the email to your junk folder, so please check that area frequently.

What if I don’t receive an email? How long should I wait before I contact someone?
If you have not received the email in your inbox or junk mail folders by September of the current year, please contact your Phi Pi Chapter Campus Counselor. A list of current counselors can be found on this site.

What if I don’t have the money to join now? Can I join later?
Of course, you may join later. The invitation to become a Phi Pi member is good for one year. Simply return your intent form and save the email from Sigma Theta Tau that contains the link to join. You may also contact the Phi Pi chapter counselor affiliated with your campus or online program.