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Luisa B.
BSN Student, Indianapolis Campus

I've wanted to attend nursing school for a long time but didn't think I was smart enough. I struggled with mediocre office jobs. I not only felt the burden of financial issues, but was also missing out on my desire to really make a difference and care for others. In 2010, I became very ill and was hospitalized. The medical staff that cared for me really opened up my eyes to what I could be doing with my life. It took a year for me to fully recover, but I immediately started searching for ways to be in the medical field. I ran into so many issues with applying to nursing schools. First, there was the trouble of not having the pre-req's to apply. Then there was the issue of long waiting lists that many schools have for their nursing programs. I was about to give up; and then a family friend encouraged me not to give up- that nursing was something to fight for. They decided to help me with this endeavor and that's when I discovered Chamberlain online. I met with a Chamberlain advisor and discovered that I could take all of my pre-req's here and there was no waiting list! I passed the entrance exam and was able to start my education 2 months later! I'm 4 months into the program and am loving it. The professors are all so wonderful and helpful. They really take their time to explain things to you and help you through the courses. They want you to succeed. I've gained a lot of confidence as I excel in my classes; and I no longer feel like I'm not smart enough. I'm looking forward to graduating in 2015, and becoming an amazing nurse like the nurses that cared for me. Chamberlain is the beginning of a fresh start for my life!

Dunni A.
BSN Indianapolis Campus

Chamberlain college of nursing is an accredited school that does everything in your favor to make sure that you're admitted into the college. I have been to many colleges and none of them could say the same when it comes to admission. I was surprised to see that the majority of my credits from other colleges were transferred into the Chamberlain college of nursing. I was amazed by the way the staff and the faculty have been so ready to make sure that the teaching to learning experience is effectively carried out by having the resources needed for learning at hand. This is an extraordinary college compared to the other colleges I have been to. The professors are always on time to class. They are very knowledgeable in the courses they teach. Students are not left alone. The school is ready to help any student that is struggling in any course of study. The college has one on one opportunities that help students know what they need to know.

James H.
BSN Student, Indianapolis Campus

This campus and staff are great. Everyone is very encouraging to every student. I take a great deal of pride in my school and look forward to giving back to the school.

BSN Student, Indianapolis Campus

Chamberlain embraces cultural opportunities to share a multitude of backgrounds within the student body. Here at the Indianapolis campus, our students are like family cohorts each cohort are liken to cousins of the other. We share meaningful information and explore diverse situations that foster a continued learning environment that benefits us all. No one is an island. We study together, we cry together and we achieve together. We have cultivated priceless relationships that will continue to grow us as well as our future careers as nurses.

Lydia H.
BSN Student, Indianapolis Campus

After the illness and death of my grandmother, I begin taking prerequisite science classes at Ivy Tech to acquire a nursing licensure to work in healthcare. I applied for clinicals at Ivy Tech and they wanted me to take general education coursework again. I thought this was unheard of due to the fact I already had 3 degrees and had been working for many years. I went back to my alma mater and was denied clinical entrance on 3 separate occasions without explanation. I was accepted into a Master of Nursing program at University of Indianapolis and they advised me after the second semester I was out of financial aid funding and was unable to take a class at a time to pay out of pocket. Dismayed to the fact that I had already completed nearly 60+ hours toward a BSN I sought to complete the clinical phase of my degree in the accelerated 2nd option BSN at the Texas campus in Houston. After speaking to that director he advised me I was eligible to be considered for the new Indianapolis campus. After completing the Hesi, having all of my classes transferred, speaking to Sara my academic advisor I am finally going to begin clinicals in May of this year! The journey has been tough and many obstacles have been conquered but I am now on my way to a career in nursing with the help of Chamberlain Indianapolis campus. I admonish the staff, the strategic process to advance the workforce into the nursing careers. They have given me an opportunity to fulfill my dreams and goals to become a nurse and educator for the next 20 years. I appreciate the closed doors and unanswered prayers to complete my education at another institution, because now I know this is the exact place, the right time for me to fulfill my life's destiny of becoming an RN and I thank God and Chamberlain in advance for paving the way!!

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